"There is an awareness of filmmaking as a storytelling medium at work here that you will not find in a multiplex... A wholly original and daring piece of cinema. It's rare that acting, cinematography and editing work in such perfect harmony to create something this unique... Highly recommended to lovers of smart films." - Greg Lamberson, FEAR ZONE


A surreal, violent exploration of the entangled nature of revenge and memory, BURNING INSIDE is an intense, uniquely original revenge thriller from Nathan Wrann, Dalton Gang Productions and Elmar Berger's Manic Entertainment. John Doe (Michael Wrann) awakens from a coma to find that he has no memory of his life, who he was or how he became comatose. He embarks on a life of normalcy, taking a wife, starting a family, mowing the lawn.

This ‘Norman Rockwell’ world is soon torn from him as he becomes driven to get revenge. Revenge for a life he does not remember. Revenge for pain lost to amnesia. Revenge for what he believes to be true. John Doe seeks out those that hurt him and makes them pay. Or does he? Such is the tragic moebius strip of revenge when the past and future collide. There is no beginning, there is no end. There is only the eternal inferno of violence, love and sorrow Burning Inside.

Written and Directed by Nathn Wrann (HUNTING SEASON).

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• 120-minute feature film
• 12-part featurette containing more than one hour of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews
• Collection of trailers for BURNING INSIDE and other exciting upcoming releases.

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"impressive...a challenging and altogether harrowing experience for discerning horror fans."
- Steven Puchalski, SHOCK CINEMA

"A raw and grinding midnight movie"
- Marcus Stiglegger, DEADLINE MAGAZINE


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